Seniors (12 – 18yrs)

The senior programme is run for the ages 12 to 18, the course will be held every other Sunday which will include body conditioning, a classical ballet technique class, a repertoire class or contemporary class and students will have the opportunity to learn from professional and ex professional dancers (Guest Teachers).

The body conditioning class will focus on placement, alignment, posture and also an understanding of the bodies anatomy.

The classical technique class will aim to assist students in developing their posture, balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, stamina and musicality.

The repertoire classes will be held for the students to have an insight in classical repertoire, learning choreography from renowned ballets, inspiring the students to enhance the learning of the stories, the choreographers, the music and different characters each ballet requires.

The contemporary classes will be introduced throughout the programme, this is to broaden the dancers movement facility and to understand the importance of technique as well as creative movement.

International Guest Teachers will also be invited to teach and inspire the next generation. The importance of learning from as many teachers as possible is crucial to the dance industry with not only one persons opinion but many. With different ways to learn and enhancing different techniques from around the world.

‘Sarah Mortimer Classical Coaching Associates’ requires your dance teachers consent for application. We highly recommend this due to professional conflicts of interest, as these classes are not meant to replace students’ present dance lessons. This programme is developed to inspire and enhance students and enable them to meet other talented, motivated students from other schools.



APPLY NOW – Download the appropriate application form, complete and return.